Personalized Training. Virtual and In-Person. Nutritional Coaching.

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Personalized Training. Virtual and In-Person. Nutritional Coaching.

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EveryDey Fitness

At EveryDey Fitness we believe every person is on their own journey to health and fitness. And because your journey is unique, your workouts and nutritional needs should be unique, too.

We specialize in custom, personalized training and nutrition coaching designed just for you so you can blast through plateaus and crush your goals.

Whether you’re an elite athlete looking to take your training to the next level, or you’re just starting out and not sure where to start, or you’re somewhere in the middle, you belong at EveryDey Fitness.

Here, you’ll discover a positive, professional team of experts who are committed to your success. We meet you where you are and we welcome every fitness level and ability — with zero pressure and zero intimidation.

Kylene Dey

Owner, EveryDey Fitness

What Our Clients Say

“Kylene has been working carefully with me as I recover from knee-replacement surgery. She has been very flexible about what I can and can’t do whether sitting or standing. She has made training not just doable but enjoyable, especially when her graceful feline joins in!”

– E.L.B.

“Kylene is imaginative in devising an exercise routine for me. She doesn’t let my Parkinson’s disease my ability to do a plank or push-ups or bicep curls on the Bosu ball. Her steady, even temperament and encouraging comments keep me focused. I directly attribute my high functioning to the exercise program Kylene has made for me. I wouldn’t be able to do it without her.”

– A.D.

Weight Loss

The secret to weight loss is there is no secret. It takes hard work and perseverance and a combination of nutrition, exercise, and strength training.

Strength Training

Resistance training is the key to healthy bones, lean muscles, better posture, and overall healthier for you. No matter your age, incorporating strength training into your fitness routine is vital. We can help.

Swim Coaching

Tired of doing the same old swimming workout? We can help change it up with customized, fun swim workouts that will strengthen your endurance and performance in the pool.

Triathlete & Race Training

Whether you’re training for your first 5k, getting ready to run your next marathon, or prepping for a triathlon, we can help get you in peak condition.


Achieving peak health and fitness simply cannot be achieved with workouts alone. Nutrition is a vital part of any health and fitness regime. We can teach you how to use food to achieve your goals, whether its to complete a triathlon or to simply fuel your workouts.

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